Curtis Salgado – Damage Control
Format: CD
Label: Alligator Records
Release: 2021

Release date: February 26, 2021

Produced by Salgado, ‘DAMAGE CONTROL’ is his first full band album in four years, and it’s packed with passionate, insightful, original songs.

Award-winning singer/songwriter/harmonica ace Curtis Salgado, has been delivering soul-fired music for over 40 years. Celebrated for his sharp-witted songwriting, superb albums and volcanic live performances, Curtis has won Blues Music Awards for Song Of The Year, Soul Blues Album Of The Year and Entertainer Of The Year, and earned a devoted worldwide fan following.

‘DAMAGE CONTROL’ is a rousing mixture of rollicking old-school rock and roll, gospel-tinged soul and razor-sharp R&B. Salgado’s huge, expressive vocals deliver wistful, street-wise lyrics that hit hard on a dozen new original songs and a frisky cover of Larry Williams’ Slow Down

01. The Longer That I Live
02. What Did Me in Did Me Well
03. You’re Going to Miss My Sorry Ass
04. Precious Time
05. Count of Three
06. Always Say I Love You (At the End of Your Goodbyes)
07. Hail Mighty Caesar
08. I Don’t Do That No More
09. Oh for the Cry Eye
10. Damage Control
11. Truth Be Told
12. The Fix Is in
13. Slow Down

Website: Curtis Salgado