Single I Robert Jon & The Wreck – Give Love


Robert Jon & The Wreck Release “Give Love”, A Heartfelt Anthem from Upcoming Album “Red Moon Rising

Robert Jon & The Wreck have just released “Give Love,” the latest single from their eagerly awaited album, Red Moon Rising. In contrast to their previous rock-driven hits, “Give Love” presents an invigorating blend of uplifting piano melodies and soaring vocals, delivering a message of universal love and compassion. Set to drop on June 28th via Joe Bonamassa’s Journeyman Records, Red Moon Rising demonstrates the band’s dynamic range and commitment to spreading positivity through their music.

“’Give Love’ is a song with a simple message, yet it’s hard to truly understand and practice,” shares frontman Robert Jon. Co-written with acclaimed songwriter Tom Hambridge, the track has been a staple in the band’s creative sessions for years and now comes to life with its compelling lyrics and heartfelt musicality. “This song makes you feel what it means to,” adds Robert Jon. “We could all use a little more love in the world.”

The release of “Give Love” not only follows the success of their introspective ballad “Worried Mind,” but also continues the steady stream of new music facilitated by Journeyman Records. As Robert Jon & The Wreck embark on their expansive 2024 tour, their evolving sound and dynamic live performances continue to captivate audiences worldwide, from intimate venues to major international festivals. With each release, including the upcoming Red Moon Rising, Journeyman Records reaffirms its commitment to showcasing exceptional talent, ensuring that the power of Robert Jon & The Wreck’s music to connect and inspire remains uninterrupted.

Since their debut in 2011, Robert Jon & The Wreck have captivated audiences worldwide, turning the Southern rock sound on its head and making it distinctly their own. With Robert Jon Burrison’s lead vocals and guitar, Andrew Espantman on drums and vocals, Henry James Schneekluth’s lead guitar and vocals, Warren Murrel on bass, and the recent addition of Jake Abernathie on keyboards, the band’s synergy on stage is undeniable. As they embark on this next phase with Red Moon Rising, they invite both longtime followers and new listeners to join in the celebration of their ongoing evolution and the indomitable spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.


Robert Jon & The Wreck - Give Love