Bill Booth – River Town


Bill Booth - River Town

Bill Booth – River Town
Format: CD
Label: Musikkoperatore
Release: 2024

Release date: Februari 16, 2024

After critical acclaim and radio play with his latest album “Til The Blues Have Gone” – three years ago as The Bills – with his mate Bill Troiani, it’s finally time for Bill Booth’s new solo-album “River Town”. All songs on the new cd are inspired by the life and characters in and around a typical American mill town, not unlike the town where Booth was born and raised in the state of Maine, USA. He once arrived in Oslo with an American blues band from New York City around 20 years ago, and hardly returned back. He quickly received offers from several successful Norwegian bands that lead to an eventual relocation to Vinterbro, Norway. He has received Norwegian Grammy award nominations (Spellemannprise) in both country and blues categories.

The thirteen new original Americana songs combine swinging blues, roots rock, country ballads and (Irish/Celtic/Nordic) folk tones, with lyrics often inspired by true life events; stories of the working class, wanderlust, in tough times, crime, heartbreak and other personal tragedies, but also love, hope and humor.

Booth’s roots music style is frequently compared to Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, J.J. Cale and Mark Knopfler, but with his trademark folky fiddle tunes he is far from a copy artist.

In addition to vocals and violin on the album Booth also plays acoustic and electric guitars, and mandolin. He is joined by Bill Troiani (Billy T) on bass, Alex Pettersen on drums and Paul Kirby on banjo and backing vocals.


01. Ice House
02. Peltoma Avenue
03. Under The Pine
04. Ethan Allen James
05. River Town
06. Town Farm
07. St. Albans March
08. Slave To The Man
09. Wyatt Had To Try It
10. Baxter Mountain Range
11. Trouble Downtown
12. Chicken Coop
13. Snake Root Reel