RB Stone – Have Song Have Traveled


RB Stone - Have Song Have Traveled

RB Stone – Have Song Have Traveled
Format: CD
Label: Independent
Release: 2024

Release date: May 7, 2024

RB Stone returns to his solo acoustic roots

After releasing 19 full band albums, RB Stone went back to his beginnings by going solo acoustic on his 20th project, ‘Have Songs – Have Traveled.’ A seasoned performing artist and songwriter who’s done everything from breaking horses to flying Lear jets while cranking out songs, gigs, and albums, Stone’s solo roots were in the early 1980’s. Then he lived in a barn on the Sky Ute Reservation in Southwest Colorado, teaching himself to play guitar at night, while learning to break horses by day.

His first paying gig was entertaining people around a campfire after packing them into the Rockies for $35 a day. Since those days he’sperformed in 33 countries, written more than 300 songs and sold more than 60,000 albums, topped charts and received awards andnominations in several genres, and continued to deliver new songs, performances, and recordings.

“RB Stone’s great new solo acoustic album, Have Songs – Have Traveled, is a compilation of songs that he’s written over the years, reworked in pure songwriter form for voice, guitar, and harmonica. He’s been there, done that, seen it all, now above it all, telling the stories in cleverly written three minute movies. True Americana that feels like an old friend.”

Website: https://www.rbstone.com/

01. Albuquerque Skies
02. I’m Not Jesus
03. Gotta Let It Go
04. I’ll Do Whatever It Takes
05. All I Want Is Away From Here
06. Get Yourself Together
07. The Drifter’s Wind
08. Henry The Hypocrite Intro
09. Henry The Hypocrite
10. I Keep Movin’
11. Let Some Love Shine