The Bad Day Blues Band – Table By The Wall


The Bad Day Blues Band - Table By The Wall

Table by the Wall offers a glimpse into the unique world of The Bad Day Blues Band

“A band of brothers, fighting the good fight to bring raw, energetic Rock ’n’ Roll to the stage.” So says Adam Rigg, Lead Vocalist and Bass player for TBDBB. The intensity and the spirit of the band is what sets them apart from others on the scene – the self confessed bad boys of the blues.

The group attracted the media’s attention in 2017, opening up for Grammy Award winner Delbert McClinton in New York’s Times Square, and went on to win ‘Best New Blues Band’ in the 2019 Digital Blues Awards. They performed at the Isle of Wight Festival the same year, and have shared the stage with artists such as Sheryl Crow, Kirk Fletcher, George Ezra and The Killers.

This is a hefty album – totalling 12 tracks – each one paying homage to their influences from Blues, Rock, Country and even Soul. Recorded in some of the best studios in the U.K including Abbey Road Studios.

The album starts off with a highenergy, in-your-face version of the Sam & Dave soul classic, ‘Hold on (I’m Coming)’. The band’s unique version delivers all the necessary goods to set your ears up for what’s to come: rip-roaring guitar, blistering harmonica and a thumping low end, layered beneath some soulful vocals.

Track Two is where the main action starts, with the album’s title track ‘Table by the Wall’. In an instant you’re transported to a less-than salubrious blues bar filled with Southern drawl: you can taste the black coffee, breathe in the atmosphere, and lose yourself in their raw

‘Fatman’ has more of a 70’s blues-rock feel, with a resounding heavy harp and a catchy  guitar riff, underlying lead singer Rigg’s raspy vocals. The fuzz of Rigg’s bass is a comforting guide throughout this musical soundscape, and the overall musicianship  ensures you know you’re in good hands with this band. “Fatman’s got your back!”

This album showcases both the band’s technical ability and their gift for songwriting. As Rigg comments, “Often the heavier songs came about from a blank canvas in the studio, someone pulls a cool riff out of the ether, or a drum pattern that raises an eyebrow”. They certainly give off the aura of a collective that know’s what they’re doing—and with the swagger of true rockstars, each song has been crafted, honed and developed into a future classic. The band’s not-so-secret weapon is virtuoso Harpist, Sam Spranger. Endorsed by Seydel Harmonicas, he has been attributed as a leading player on the scene, with his trademark blazing riffs and heart-wrenching solos. His performance on this album is no exception – highlights being his solo on ‘Stop’, an enigmatic track straight out of a rock opera, and his riffing on ‘The Hustler’: massively distorted harmonica paired expertly with ear-splitting guitar in a small, perfect nod to Led Zeppelin.

‘Be careful what you wish for’ starts with a strong, anthemic vocal feature, before cruising back to a familiar hip-shake type riff. The energy, charisma, songwriting and musicianship blend into one volcanic performance that will leave audiences yearning for more. ‘Hurricane’ showcases the band’s pure, raw energy.

The tune’s heavy riffs and eccentric slide solo from Guitarist Nick Peck, are reinforced by the equable drumming from Andrea Tremolada. Tremolada is another young talent, endorsed by U.S.A drum pioneers Rukus, who charms and impresses as the driving force of the band. This album has it all – the ups and the downs, the light and the shade. The whole album flows, with each song complimenting the next – helped no doubt by bringing in legendary producer Chris Bolster, whose session credits include Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters and Oasis.

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