Single I Palace Of The King – Dead End Blues


Following hot on the heels of their stomping ‘”I’M SORRY BLUES” single, Palace Of The King keep dropping new material and this time it’s a magically dark, heavy blues/psych influenced track called “DEAD END BLUES.”

Having toured the world multiple times as headliner and with Airbourne, Rose Tattoo, The Angels, Baby Animals, Tea party, The Screaming Jets, Endless Boogie, Nick Oliveri and many more, the band are really getting down and dirty in the studio and building a huge inspired repertoire to draw from for future tours.

DEAD END BLUES is produced by the bands front man, Tim Henwood who also sings up a storm and the track also features some incredible harmonica shredding from Leigh Maden and a fantastic spacey keyboard solo from the always inspiring Seany Johnston. Of course Cameron McGlinchey on the drums and Anthony Licciardi round out the track with a killer powerhouse performance as always.


Palace Of The King - Dead End Blues