Single I Feenstra & Simpson – No Coming Back


‘No Coming Back’ is roots rockers Feenstra & Simpson’s 5th single release and marks a return to their signature pop influenced roots rock, after their unexpected Heritage & Dutch chart success with the rhythm and blues inspired ‘I Don’t Get It’ and ‘1975’

“The song is about how love can pull you from the familiar into the unknown and never let’s go”

For the new single they talked about their musical direction and decided to go back to the basics of words, melody, harmonies, rhythm and subliminally The Beatles.

As John said: “We didn’t know about our mutual passion for the Fab 4 until we’d cut the first two singles. I’d written pop influenced material before as a solo artist, but I think Pete’s background was more rock and blues. Somehow we found a middle ground with a whirl of jingle jangle and strong hooks.”

Pete adds: “We’ve had such good fun exploring different musical directions, but I had to tell John he needed to get back to his spine tingling harmonies.” “I think ‘No Coming Back’ is the perfect wistful vehicle for his emotive harmonies. The way he attacked the chorus and crafted a magical bridge allowed him to polish the song like a diamond.”


Feenstra & Simpson - No Coming Back