Kyla Brox – Live At Köniz Castle


Kyla Brox - Live At Köniz Castle

Kyla Brox – Live At Köniz Castle
Format: CD
Label: Pigskin Records
Release: 2023

Release date: September 15, 2023

Winner of the UK Blues Challenge 2018, winner of the European Blues Challenge 2019 and voted Best Female Vocalist in the 2019 European Blues Awards, Kyla Brox is back with a blistering new album, ‘Live at Köniz Castle,’ which features a choice selection of tracks from her last two critically acclaimed albums.

It’s rare to achieve intimacy and connect with a roomful of strangers, but this is what Kyla Brox achieves with Live at Köniz Castle, recorded at the Kulturhof in the grounds of Köniz Castle, Switzerland, on March 25 2023.

Her music is predicated on the notion that blues and soul are indistinguishable forms, and lashes the force of Afro-American music with a distinct Lancashire sensibility. To hear the singer in full flight is to be convinced that Kyla Brox is the greatest soul singer Britain has yet produced.

A ratio of two covers to 14 originals seems about right. The originals draw on Kyla’s consummate skills in role-play and imaginative empathy. Some of her songs are touched by lived experience, and are inspired by people she has known and loved. The immortal ‘Bluesman’s Child’, penned in reference to her legendary father, Victor Brox, fits this category. Of the covers, Kyla’s classic interpretation of ‘Hallelujah’ blows every other version out of the water. No really. Listen and you’ll find that it’s an objective fact.

A road-tested four-piece with the standard singer plus guitar, bass and drum line-up departs from blues rock conventions whenever Kyla tootles her flute, a sound which summons back to African atavism.

Connoisseurs of blues guitar may wish to note Paul Farr’s capacity to channel the expressive force of the immortals Peter Green and Jimi Hendrix, and his ability to shadow Kyla’s voice. Drummer Mark Warburton and bassist Danny Blomeley calibrate the pitch of intensity in perfect unity, whether holding back or surging forth.

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01. When We’re Alone
02. Beautiful Day
03. Devil’s Bridge
04. Bloodshot Sky
05. Pain & Glory
06. Sensitive Soul
07. Bluesman’s Child
08. Honestly Blues
09. If You See Him
10. In the Morning
11. 365
12. I Can’t Make You Love Me
13. Let You Go
14. Don’t Let Me Fall
15. Choose Me
16. Hallelujah