Nick Lowe – Dig My Mood (25th Anniversary)


Nick Lowe - Dig My Mood (25th Anniversary)

Nick Lowe – Dig My Mood (25th Anniversary)
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital
Release: Yep Roc Records

Release date: July 28, 2023

‘Dig My Mood’ is pressed on blue vinyl + includes a bonus yellow vinyl 10” of rarities and live tracks!

Nick Lowe’s 1998 album ‘Dig My Mood’ marked the second masterpiece of his “worldly balladeer” and “elder statesman of rock and roll” chapter of his career, leaving the ironic power popper persona of his Jesus of Cool days far behind.

Following 1994’s critically-acclaimed The Impossible Bird, Lowe found himself writing about love and hardship through a sophisticated lens, including celebrated staples of the Nick Lowe canon such as “You Inspire Me” and “Man That I’ve Become,” both fixtures of Nick’s setlists a quarter-century later.

Featuring Lowe’s razorsharp songwriting and a selection of tasteful covers that Nick breathes new life into (Henry McCullough’s “Failed Christian” and Ivory Joe Hunter’s “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”), Dig My Mood is another masterclass example of Lowe’s strength as a composer and performer. The album received immediate praise from music critics, with No Depression declaring that “Lowe has never sounded better.” Dig My Mood became the middle entry in the widely-celebrated Brentford Trilogy of albums that Nick Lowe released between 1994 and 2001.

For Dig My Mood’s 25th anniversary, the album is being pressed on color vinyl for the first time, with the studio album pressed on blue vinyl and a bonus EP (full of live performances from the Dig My Mood tour in Japan and a studio rare track) pressed on yellow vinyl. This 25th anniversary reissue of Dig My Mood is limited to 1,500 copies worldwide and the studio album is remastered for vinyl from the original tapes.


Dig My Mood LP, blue vinyl

01. Faithless Lover
02. Lonesome Reverie
03. You Inspire Me
04. What Lack of Love Has Done
05. Time I Took a Holiday
06. Failed Christian
07. Man That I’ve Become
08. Freezing
09. High on a Hilltop
10. Lead Me Not
11. I Must Be Getting Over You
12. Cold Grey Light of Dawn

Bonus 10″ EP, yellow vinyl

01. I’ll Give You All Night to Stop
02. Soulful Wind (Live in Japan)
03. She Don’t Love Nobody (Live in Japan)
04. Cruel to Be Kind (Live in Japan)
05. Half a Boy and Half a Man (Live in Japan)