Little Hat – Wine, Whiskey & Wimmen


Little Hat – Wine, Whiskey & Wimmen
Format: CD
Label: Rhythm Bomb Records – Sonic Rendezvous
Release: 2021
Release date: April 30, 2021

Little Hat is probably Holland’s best-kept secret. The interplay between these three musicians is incredible. They are the real deal and sound fuller than many four or five-piece bands. As my record-spinning alter ego, DJ Mojo Man would say: DIG IT!!!” – Little Victor

Rockin’, sleazy and electrified… Little Hat mix it all up in a relentless groove that flows like it came from a one-man band. Their tight, raw, and primitive sound will take you back to a time when “rocking” blues also meant a lot of “rolling” going on. And the heavy dance rhythms almost make you forget the fact that the low parts are not filled out by a bass player, but by the drummer’s right foot. Each show makes for a unique experience as these experienced musicians play off of each other, creating something fresh every time they’re on the bandstand.

Frontman Machiel Meijers‘ raw and outstanding vocal and harp work, are nicely complemented by legendary Dutch Blues Hall of Fame inductee Willem Van Dullemen’s gritty old-school guitar playing. This “tough-as-nails” duo is rounded out by the driving rhythms of ace drummer Paolo de Stigter, making them an alternative power-trio that can knock you off your socks any day of the week!

The band have already become a welcome guest at many festivals and their debut album is soon to be released. Expect wild grooves and hot licks when you come to a Little Hat show … But above all make sure to bring along your dancing shoes, because you’ll find it impossible to sit still when these guys get down to business !!!

Website: Little Hat