Release date: March 5, 2021

Fresh from his acclaimed collaboration with Americana legends I See Hawks In LA, ‘Radio Keeps Me on The Ground’, Great Willow’s James Combs is back with the new solo double single ‘Strange Signs’ / ‘Circle Days’. Produced by long-time Fiona Apple collaborator John Would, the songs are snapshots of LA life in turmoil – a time of blue skies and protest marches.

‘Strange Signs’ is a sun-baked, guitar-hook driven walk through a day in 2020 – finding inspiration and connection at a Black Lives Matter protest only to return home to a night of worry. Rocking with heart and empathy and featuring beautiful harmony vocals from James’ sister and long-time collaborator April Mann, ‘Strange Signs’ is about trying to stay human and navigate complicated times.

‘Circle Days’ is a sparkling electro-Americana track evoking the endless cycle of 2020’s homebound days featuring lush Byrds-like harmonies from Bay Area star vocalist Kelly Atkins. Every thought and memory rise up – all the bright vistas, all the dark corners. “Put the needle in the groove now but it keeps turning back to you now. The finish line is just the starting line when circle days strange the ways of time.”

‘Strange Signs’ / ‘Circle Days’ is the first in a series of bi-monthly double singles from James and his collaborators – drummer Matt Hergert and bassist/multi-instrumentalist/producer John Would.