Jackson Browne – Downhill From Everywhere


Jackson Browne - Downhill from Everywhere

Jackson Browne – Downhill From Everywhere
Format: CD – LP
Label: Inside Recordings
Release: 2021
Release date: July 23, 2021

The 10-track collection finds the lauded 72-year-old singer/songwriter tackling a variety of topical and emotional themes, including the plight of illegal immigrants, prejudice against same-sex relationships, environmental pollution, racial justice and his own mortality.

“I see the writing on the wall,” says Browne. “I know there’s only so much time left in my life. But I now have an amazing, beautiful grandson, and I feel more acutely than ever the responsibility to leave him a world that’s inhabitable.”

Browne recorded the new album in Los Angeles with his longtime backing band, which includes guitarists Greg Leisz and Val McCallum, bassist Bob Glaub, keyboardist Jeff Young and drummer Mauricio Lewak.

The album includes a pair of songs — the title track and “A Little Soon to Say” — that initially were released as singles in the spring of 2020. It also features “A Human Touch,” a duet with singer/songwriter Leslie Mendelson, who co-wrote the tune with Browne and Steve McEwan.

That song originally was featured in the 2019 documentary 5B, which tells the story of the first hospital ward in the U.S. created to treat AIDS and HIV patients.