Wee Willie Walker – Not In My Lifetime


Wee Willie Walker - Not In My Lifetime

Wee Willie Walker – Not In My Lifetime
Format: CD – LP
Label: Continental Record Services
Release: 2021

Anticipation surrounding the release of ‘Not In My Lifetime’ has been bittersweet.

The performances, the love, the songwriting, the arranging and producing, everything is top-notch and pleasing. Everything except for the sad reality that this is the final recording of Wee Willie Walker.
A fact so hard to accept.

The songs on ‘Not In My Lifetime’ are relatable stories, little slices of life Willie sets into motion with his mesmerizing voice. You will believe everything he sings, because he believed everything he sang. Add to this the impressive arrangements and performances by The Anthony Paule Soul Orchestra, and your ears will thank you. With the exception of three thoughtfully selected covers, each song was written especially for Wee Willie Walker. “I’m Just Like You” #7, and “Make Your Own Good News” #8, are pieces of social commentary Willie was anxious to record. His alter ego takes over on “’Til You’ve Walked In My Shoes” #14, and “Warm To Cool To Cold” #9, is a remake of one of Willie’s classic recording on Goldwax Records. His favorite on this release was #3 “Over and Over”.

The album leads off with “A Word From Willie”, which is truly a word from Willie. This poignant excerpt was taken from an in-studio interview with Tina Abbaszadeh, and without hesitation “Not In My Lifetime”, became the title of the album.

‘Not In My Lifetime’ by Wee Willie Walker and The Anthony Paule Soul Orchestra, is an album of authentic American songs deeply rooted in, and inspired by African American Blues and Soul music. Please listen with your heart.

01. A Word From Willie 0:20
02. Don’t Let Me Get In Your Way 3:47
(C. Vitale, L. Batiste, A. Paule)
03. Over And Over 4:20
(C. Vitale, L. Batiste, A. Paule)
04. Real Good Lie 4:41
(C. Vitale, L. Batiste, A. Paule)
05. What Is It We’re Not Talking About? 4:19
(C. Vitale, L. Batiste, A. Paule, D. Martin)
06. Darling Mine 4:21
(C. Vitale, K. Falkner – *Purple V Music, BMI)
07. I’m Just Like You 3:29
(C. Vitale, L. Batiste, A. Paule)
08. Make Your Own Good News 4:25
(C. Vitale, L. Batiste, A. Paule, W. Walker, D. Martin)
09. Warm To Cool To Cold 3:56
(G. Dobbins – *Lyn-Lou Music, Shelby Singleton Music, BMI)
10. Let The Lady Dance 4:35
(C. Vitale, L. Batiste, A. Paule)
11. Heartbreak 3:39
(J. Thomas, C. Hoyles – *Songs of Universal, BMI)
12. Suffering With The Blues 4:11
(T. Conyers, L. Pemberton – *Trio Music, Fort Knox Music Inc.)
13. Almost Memphis 3:39
(E. Tarczy – *ETCompositions, ASCAP)
14. ’Til You’ve Walked In My Shoes 4:03
(C. Vitale, L. Batiste, A. Paule)
All songs Purple V Music and Pure Delite Music, BMI, except as noted*

The Anthony Paule Soul Orchestra:
Wee Willie Walker – lead vocals
Anthony Paule – guitar, electric sitar
Tony Lufrano – hammond organ, piano, wurlitzer
Endre Tarczy – bass
Kevin Hayes – drums
Derek James – trombone
Bill Ortiz – trumpet
Charles McNeal – tenor saxophone
Rob Sudduth – baritone saxophone
Larry Batiste – background vocals
Sandy Griffith – background vocals
Omega Rae – background vocals
Guest Musicians
Jon Otis – percussion CD tracks #2, 4, 5, 8
Curt Ingram – french horn CD track #3
The Sons Of The Soul Revivers
James Morgan – second lead and background vocals #7
Dwayne Morgan – background vocals #7
Walter Morgan – background vocals, tambourine #7
Production Credits
Jim Gaines – producer, mix engineer
Gabriel Shepard – recording engineer
Tony Lufrano – horn arrangements, chart writing
Christine Vitale – co-producer and art direction
Anthony Paule – co-producer, horn arrangements,
graphic design
Larry Batiste – co-producer, background vocals, and
horn arrangements
Photography – Brigitte Charvolin (front cover), Tina
Abbaszadeh, Rog Franklin, Gianni Grandi, Bob Hakins,
Anthony Paule, Bob White

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