Quinn Sullivan – Wide Awake



Quinn Sullivan Marks A Creative Turning Point On ‘Wide Awake’

His New Full-Length Album Out June 4, 2021

Watch the music video for How Many Tears:

Quinn Sullivan is opening a new chapter of his already impressive career with the release of ‘Wide Awake,’ his new full-length album, out June 4th via Mascot Label Group.

Just 22-years-old, the singer, songwriter, and guitarist has already toured the world, collaborated with rock’s biggest legends, and developed genuinely jaw-dropping skills as a guitar player.

But now, as captured in the video for “How Many Tears,” premiered by Relix Magazine, Sullivan’s more recent work has been with pen and paper, as he lets the abundant skills of his youth blossom and steer him into new directions of artistry and creativity.

It’s the next step for the ambitious musician with a constant view towards the future, marking Sullivan’s evolution into the singer-songwriter genre while still effectively highlighting his guitar mastery. “Matured and owning his words…Sullivan returns more as a singer-songwriter than just a prodigy guitarist,” said American Songwriter. “Sullivan has refocused his craft to songwriting.”

‘”How Many Tears” is a reflection of how I was feeling about love and relationships back in high school,” Quinn said. “I had thought about myself during those times and I’d see so many guys treating girls so horribly, so I never understood why those girls would always go after those types of guys. I had never written a song about this subject before, but it just felt honest and comes from a very real and genuine place, which is why it’s one of my favorite songs on the new album. Trevor Banks, who directed the video, suggested we have an interpretive dancer come in to dance to the song as I was performing it. We ended up finding Matilda Sakamoto, who was the absolute perfect dancer to fill that role. She brought so much life and emotion to not only the video but to the song.”

Quinn Sullivan - Wide Awake

 01. All Around The World
02. She’s So Irresistible
03. How Many Tears 
04. In A World Without You
05. She’s Gone (& She Ain’t Coming Back)
06. Baby Please
07. Real Thing
08. You’re The One
09. Wide Awake
10. Strawberry Rain
11. Jessica
12. Keep Up