Johnny Burgin – Ramblin’ From Coast To Coast


Johnny Burgin - Ramblin' From Coast to Coast

Johnny Burgin – Ramblin’ From Coast To Coast
Format: CD
Label: Straight Shooter Records
Release: 2024

Release date: April 19, 2024

Blues guitarist, singer, and BMA Nominee Johnny Burgin describes his never-ending touring schedule in a typically understated way: “It takes me a year to see my friends, and then I do it all over again”

Often travelling without a band, he discovers novel and fruitful collaborations on the road.

‘Ramblin’ From Coast To Coast’ is the result: eleven original blues from the road cut in Dallas, Cincinnati, Rochester NY and Memphis TN with cameos from the likes of John Blues Boyd, Rae Gordon, Ben Levin, Hanna PK, Jad Tariq, Jon Hay, and Dylan Bishop. Johnny draws from his years of experience in the Chicago blues idiom (as well as his popular weekly blues guitar YouTube videos) to put just the right repartee into the musical conversation.

Johnny’s also known as a strong writer; “Gettin’ My Blues On” is from the point of view of a diehard blues fan who is just scraping by financially. Judging from audience reactions, this tune is poised to be the Blues Anthem of the Year!