Single I Steve Purcell – I’m Ready


Steve Purcell’s Latest Single “I’m Ready” Takes Audiences Back to the Heyday of Blues Rock. Fretbar Records is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Steve Purcell’s newest single, “I’m Ready”

“I’m Ready” is a straight-ahead rocker that pays homage to the golden era when blues rock reigned supreme in the music industry. With its infectious energy and soulful riffs, the track promises to captivate listeners and transport them back to the timeless sound of classic rock. Steve Purcell, known for his electrifying guitar prowess and dynamic performances, delivers an electrifying performance on “I’m Ready,” showcasing his mastery of the genre and his ability to infuse it with a contemporary flair.

“We’re excited to share ‘I’m Ready’ with music enthusiasts worldwide,” says Purcell. “This song is a celebration of the raw power and emotion that defines blues rock, and I can’t wait for audiences to experience it.”


Steve Purcell - I'm Ready