The Gayle Harrod Band – Temptation


The Gayle Harrod Band - Temptation

The Gayle Harrod Band – Temptation
Format: CD
Label: Independent
Release: 2023

Release date: February 24, 2023

The Gayle Harrod Band: Epic Blues/Soul Odyssey

There are bands out there that weave a musical story so vivid that you wind up in the middle of it. Hailing from Baltimore, MD, The Gayle Harrod Band not only understands that but leans into it. The rare, honest, and spell-binding performance that Blues-lovers crave is born of empathy, total commitment, and complete freedom from self-consciousness. Band leader, vocalist, and songwriter Gayle Harrod achieves that ultimately satisfying level of performance on The Gayle Harrod Band’s debut release, Temptation, due out February 2023.

The genuine fun Gayle is having on “In the Deep Dark Night” (a jumpin’ New Orleans second line romp) is contagious. On the haunting, Gospel-inspired Texas Blues “Temptation”, the power and soul of her voice are hair-raising. On “The In Between,” her warmth and vulnerability are reminiscent of Bonnie Raitt. Her voice is at times, thrillingly rocket-powered, a signature blend of grit, gravel, and pure defiance. Yet she also has the ability to summon warm, smoky, velvety tones and has the finesse to draw the listener in with a heartbreaking quiet, confessional intimacy.
Part of the instant connection she brings to the listener may be inherent in her songwriting. “I don’t know how I functioned or survived all those years without this means of expression,” she says. “My writing is very personal. I dig deep into my own experiences and feelings.”


01. Sweet Memphis Man (3:05)
02. Come On People (3:53)
03. Baby We’re Through (4:01)
04. Temptation (4:57)
05. In The Deep Dark Night (2:53)
06. Bring Me Along (3:44)
07. Waiting in the Shadows (3:55)
08. Break (4:03)
09. You’re Gonna Miss Me (3:37)
10. The In Between (4:55)
11. God Laughed (4:10)
12. Beautiful Friend (5:02)