La Ratte – Astray


La Ratte - Astray

La Ratte – Astray
Format: CD
Label: Continental Europe – Continental Record Services
Release: 2023

Release date: February 24, 2023

La Ratte is a three piece band formed as a well fitting misalliance. It started out with two Dutch musicians, Harm van Essen and Jochem Jorrisen, with a punk attitude towards music. Harm started to record demos that put La Ratte in a new direction. The new material needed a bass player to play the songs live, and Nikolas Karolewicz from Münster Germany was asked to join the band.

Since late 2021, La Ratte has been based around Harm’s wayward songwriting, raw vocals and fiery guitar playing, Jochem’s explosive drumming and Nikolas’ steady and old school bass groove. The combination nails a contemporary blues sound by delivering a swampy catchy roots album.

The new album, ‘Astray,’ was recorded in 7 days at Studio De Krakeling, built in a former mental asylum. Each of the eleven tracks explores a different side of American Roots music, taking inspiration from the energy of Texas Blues, hypnotizing Mississippi Hill Country groove, and the catchiness of Louisiana Swamp Pop classics.

La Ratte delivers a hard-hitting album with a fresh modern attitude deeply rooted in American music.


01. Gotta See About a Girl
02. Love
03. Trouble
04. Walking Target
05. Ain’t My Business
06. I Want You
07. Loneliness
08. Garden Facin’ West
09. Let Me In
10. Whiskey
11. 3 a.m. Again