Marillion – With Friends At St. David’s


Marillion - With Friends At St. David's

Marillion – With Friends At St. David’s
Format: CD – LP – DVD – Blu-ray
Label: earMUSIC

Release: 2021

Release date: May 28, 2021I

It all started with the release of “With Friends From The Orchestra” in 2019, when Marillion teamed up with “In Praise of Folly”, a string quartet accompanied by French horn and flute, to record a stunning album full of re-arranged Marillion treasures.

That same year, Marillion took these very special versions on tour and even added a few more songs like “Gaza” and “Zeparated Out” to the setlist, presenting them in a whole new light.

“With Friends At St David’s” is not only a visually and sonically remarkable live album, but also a dedication to crossing musical boundaries and making “friends” outside of one genre and musical universe.

The DVD and Blu-ray of this release offer even more, as they come with the previously unreleased documentary “Making Friends”, which shows Marillion in the studio during the making of “With Friends From The Orchestra”.

01. Gaza
02. Beyond You
03. Seasons End
04. Estonia
05. The Hollow Man
06. The New Kings
07. The Sky Above The Rain
08. Zeparated Out
09. Ocean Cloud
10. Fantastic Place
11. This Strange Engine

Video Bonus Content:

Man Of 1000 Faces (Live In Paris)
Estonia (Promo Film)
You’re Gone (Live In Kensington) – only on Blu-ray
Power (Live In Kensington) – only on Blu-ray
A Collection (Live In Kensington) – only on Blu-ray
Making Friends (Documentary) – only on Blu-ray

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Photocredit Anne-Marie Forker