Video I Big Daddy Wilson – The City Streets


Video I Big Daddy Wilson – The City Streets
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Hard Time Blues
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Big Daddy Wilson’s ‘Hard Time Blues’ has been hailed by fans and media alike as an innovating and impressive blues album. But it is just as much a social statement that reflects Wilson’s concerning spirit. The City Streets is one of the most powerful songs and is based on Psalm 23 (The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want), offering hope and guidance to those who are suffering everyday hardship.

The Video
Rural eastern North Carolina once gave little Noelle and her Father, John, the kind of freedom only country living can provide, but today, it doesn’t appear to offer teenage Noelle the kind of excitement that she imagines or has heard about in the latest song. Not unlike many teenage black and brown girls in the US, Noelle is preyed upon in her vulnerability and lured into a life of violent crime. Years later, when she finally escapes “the life”, Noelle begins a new journey by finding community among women not unlike herself. When she returns home, her neighbors welcome her lovingly. Though Noelle doesn’t find all of what she was expecting and hoping for, what she does learn is that the prayers her father once spoke were in communion with a spiritual energy that’s always protected her and in that energy is connection, healing and truth.

The Back Story
Big Daddy Wilson was born and raised in Edenton, North Carolina and now lives in Bremen, Germany while traveling throughout the world entertaining audiences as a blues artist. His childhood friend, Sherrod Banks, is the Executive Producer of the video, “These City Streets” which features his daughter, Lauren E. Banks, as the lead female actor and director. Lauren E. Banks is a regular on Showtime’s hit series “City on a Hill” also featuring Kevin Bacon, Aldis Hodge, and Jill Hennessy. The video was shot in Edenton and features places and people that shaped the life of Big Daddy Wilson.