Single I Thomas Frank Hopper – A Song For The Devil


Thomas Frank Hopper’s new single “A Song For The Devil” is deliciously catchy and in-your-face. Mixed and mastered by Alex Leroy (Studio Six – Brussels), it’s the first song taken from the upcoming album set to be released later this year.

Since the release of ‘Bloodstone’ in 2021, Thomas has been working on new tunes vicariously and proves with “A Song For The Devil” that he’s now ready for the next chapter in his musical career. The video was directed by Augustin Polet.


Thomas Frank Hopper is a Belgian singer, musician and songwriter who created his own brand of rock music. He was born in Bruges (Belgium), just like his mother. When he was a toddler, the family moved to Africa until he was 16 years old. Before returning to Belgium, he spent time in Lagos City and Cairo, where he went to an English and French college. With his dad’s musical influences – Genesis, Supertramp, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd – he picked up a passion for music quite quickly.

Thomas Frank Hopper is a confident lap steel player. Before taking on his latest project full time, he played in ‘funk / groove’ bands. As an adolescent, he was also into (pop)punk music. That shows in his current live shows.


Thomas Frank Hopper - A Song For The Devil