Phillip Bracken’s debut album “Wolf Ahead Tiger Behind” doesn’t sound like a debut at all

Wolf Ahead Tiger Behind is the genre crossing debut album from Australian musician Phillip Bracken.

Recorded independently in Warsaw, Poland and due out September 25th, the album features guests such as prominent Polish guitarist/songwriter/producer Robert Cichy, and free jazz icon Jacek Mielcarek. ‘Wolf Ahead Tiger Behind’ promises to allure many a listener.
Bracken’s voice is
absorbingly soulful, wrapping around his colourfully woven lyrics. Backed by the masterful trio of Mateusz Szemraj, Denis Dubiella, and Wojciech Lubertowicz (all previously of indie band Hanimal) ‘Wolf Ahead Tiger Behind’ takes a sonic voyage through funk(Push Me), ambient-folk (New Black), alt-country (The Prophet), indie-folk/rock (Take My Hand) and noir where delicate harmonies and ethereal banjos are pitted against punchy guitar lines and swirling organs. This artist is not one to be pigeon-holed.

Commenting on the title, Bracken explained it’s inspired by a Chinese proverb. “It’s a reminder not to fear everything around us lest we achieve nothing”. An adage seemingly echoed through the album’s themes and varying sounds and, while not a concept album, perhaps pertinent to the times.
Whilst the current pandemic has restricted extensive touring for the moment, a handful of shows are scheduled for Poland.

Website: Phillip Bracken