Jacques Mees – A Dylan Song A day


Jacques Mees - A Dylan Song A day

Jacques Mees – A Dylan Song A day
Format: Digital (Spotify – YouTube)
Label: Independent
Release: 2023

Text: Maria D’Alessandro

This exciting new album is undoubtedly a gift to all of us who admire Bob Dylan and his unique, poetic, song-writing style. As we celebrate Dylan’s 82nd birthday, we contemplate his contribution of meaningful and relatable songs, which were expressed through various genres since the 1960s.

Jacques Mees has captured the magic of Dylan’s music on this album, by presenting his interpretation of a wonderful selection of songs, some of which include the backing of talented musicians.

This album is a celebration, a commemoration, and a demonstration of Jacques’ enduring love for Dylan as a trailblazing artist. Jacques is therefore clearly demonstrating that this album is not only a gift but also a personal gesture of love and admiration.

The ambience of ‘A Dylan Song a Day,’ moves you to a place far from the daily drudgery of everyday life. We are reminded of the mystery of love, our common path to self-discovery and Dylanesque themes of caution in a troubled world.

With demos, home recordings and live performances, this album is clearly the manifestation of a well-travelled troubadour. Jacques’ knowledge of his audience is demonstrated through his careful selection of songs for this album. His love of performing and humility endears and connects him to audiences and fans near and far.

Jacques, your fans and followers thank you for this new album. Yes, things have changed over the last few years, but those who know you, have been on the sidelines watching you endure and rise above such times. To this end, you are indeed a shooting star and shall remain forever young in our hearts.

Website: https://www.jacquesmees.com/