Greg Harris – Live With Sneaky Pete And Skip Battin


Greg Harris - Live (with Sneaky Pete and Skip Battin)

Greg Harris – Live With Sneaky Pete And Skip Battin
Format: CD – Digital
Label: Appaloosa Records – Continental Record Services
Release: 2023

Release date: July 7, 2023

After some line-up changes that led to different groups (Flying Burrito Bros, Byrds), in the fall of 1985 this four-man band got on the stage in Sage, in the German land of Lower Saxony, for a dynamic and energetic live show funded by publisher Star Cluster Music.

That was at the time printing books about the Byrds universe, Anglo-Saxon folk rock and some interesting British and American bands.

The concert was part of an important European tour that touched Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and England.

Performing on the stage with Sneaky Pete, who manages to draw incredible sounds from a little-known and special instrument such as his pedal steel guitar, are Skip Battin (a former Byrds member and later New Riders of the Purple Sage bassist), multi-instrumentalist Greg Harris, and drummer Jim Goodall.

The night’s repertoire is the very best a top-notch band can offer. Besides songs from the early Flying Burrito Brothers days, we find tunes made famous by the Byrds, country rock songs that are now considered classics, and some of those adventurous bluegrass numbers that were so well-loved in the old continent.

The audience is involved and shows its appreciation, support, and encouragement, having fun and demanding total commitment from the musicians on stage. This is not the only live recording from that time, as in the years following that tour other releases have proved how beloved the band was in Europe. However, the degree of inspiration, passion, enthusiasm, energy, and even musicianship shown by this band on that specific night might well be unparalleled.


01. Streets Of Baltimore
02. Cash On The Barrelhead
03. White Line Fever
04. Devil In Disguise
05. Take A City Bride
06. Roll On Brother
07. Star Of The Show
08. You Ain’t Going Nowhere
09. Hot Burrito #2
10. Hickory Wind
11. Mystery Train
12. Spittin’ Image
13. It Makes No Difference
14. Uncle Pen
15. Lousiana Man
16. Sin City
17. Orange Blossom Special