Gina Sicilia – Unchange


Gina Sicilia - Unchange

Gina Sicilia – Unchange
Format: CD
Label: VizzTone Label Group
Release: 2022

Ever since her acclaimed 2007 VizzTone debut Gina Sicilia has been known as a uniquely talented blues and soul singer, soon expanding her range to cover all sorts of American Roots music, working with producers including Dave Gross, Dave Darling, Glenn Barratt, Cody Dickinson, and now Colin Linden. Colin enthuses: “Gina – pure blues, old world, old soul, new sound… Every day was a fresh take on sharing joy, heartache and redemption.”

As soon as they started pre-production, Gina and Colin discovered a mutual affinity for classic Gospel music, setting the tone for the sessions. The album features a few classics by the likes of Sam Cooke and Reverend Gary Davis, as well as a variety of more contemporary styles, but all the tracks embraced the deeply emotional delivery and the sometimes understated, sparse ambiance that allow Gina and Colin to shine through. VizzTone is thrilled to welcome Gina back home!


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