Sean Webster – Summer Has Gone


Sean Webster - Summer Has Gone

Sean Webster – Summer Has Gone
Format: CD
Label: M2 Music – In-Akustik Records
Release: 2024

Release date: May 24, 2024

An unmistakably intense, soul-influenced voice, soulful, melodic guitar playing and excellent songwriting. These are the trademarks of British singer, guitarist and songwriter Sean Webster, which he proves once again on the new album, “Summer Has Gone”.

Following on from the live album “Three Nights Live,” which was released two years ago to glowing reviews, the solo acoustic album ‘Almost’ (2022) and ‘Java I Webster’ (2023), a collaboration with Erwin Java, “summer Has Gone” is the first studio album since 2017’s “Leave Your Heart at the Door”.

Even though this album shows a quieter and more thoughtful side to Webster; with first-class ballads, his grandiose and soulful voice and feeling for unusual guitar licks will make the heart of every music lover skip a beat. With “Summer Has Gone”, Webster takes another step further towards the adult mainstream, without foregoing his finely tuned, blues-influenced guitar playing.

This is exemplified by the openeL “Forever Gone Away”, and “Won’t Lay Down”, which is reminiscent of some of Chris Rea’s superbly produced hits, Phil Carmen’s “on-My Way to L.A.” or Marc Cohn’s classíc “Walking in Memphis”. Here, Webster shows completely new facets to his sound.

ln “Make lt Through”, carried by the sound of a Hammond B-3 and the relaxed rhythm guitar, a constantly airy groove creeps in, loose and casual, which after the first few bars invites the listener to cruise across the country in a convertible. With its fine mix of optimistic West Coast feeling and gripping blues rock in the finest AOR sound, this is a catchy tune with hit potential.

The title song “Summer Has Gone” also has everything it needs to stick in the ears. A totally radio-friendly ballad for which Axel Zwinselman conjures up a broad symphony orchestra from his keyboards. Roberto Morbioli, founder of the ltalian band Morblus and long-time guitarist in Big Daddy Wilson’s band, provides the ltalian part to the title song, giving it a summery, but also beautiful, wistful touch with his language and tone. There’s no better way to celebrate the end of a summer.

ln addition to keyboardist Axel Zwinselman, Webster’s band is made up of bassist Floris Poesse and drummer Phil Wilson. They are suppported on ,,Lost and Alone” by Americana singer-songwriter Hilde Vos in a duet with Sean Webster.

There is a final musical treat at the end in the form of “What You Get”. ln best Joe Cocker style, Sean Webster shouts his way through a swayíng honky-tonk blues number with Texas swing appeal.

“Summer Has Gone” is a convincing album with nine perfectly crafted, mature and catchy songs that will be well received.”


01. Forever Gone Away (4:34)
02. Won’t Lay Down (3:40)
03. Can’t Be Alone (4:38)
04. Lost And Alone (4:28)
05. Make It Through (3:11)
06. Never Let Go (4:50)
07. Not Me And You (5:10)
08. Summer Has Gone (5:15)
09. What You Get (2:56)