Single I Miguel Montalban – Fragile Hearts


The electrifying Miguel Montalban is an embodiment of rock and roll ecstasy, with clear blues inspiration, displaying soulful vocals paired with an aptitude for exceptional guitar virtuosity

Graduated in music at the Conservatory of Jazz Music in Rome (2012) the Chilean-born Montalban, become a world-class guitarist reaching over 150k followers worldwide, repeatedly toured Europe, USA, UK. The award-winning (YouTube Creator,2023) decided to move up to London in 2015, not before being awarded by Red bull, TourBus “Chiavi in Mano”, as “Best Alternative Band” and “Best Frontman” (2013). Headlining tours in Sardegna and North Italy, sponsored and signed by Red Bull Studios, in London Bridge, produce the singles “Honesty” and “Girl” with claimed Italian producers, Mario Riso (Rezophonic, Rock TV, Movida) and Olly Riva (The Fire, Rezophonic).

In London, starting busking in the city lead him to be recognised by millions and quickly becoming a viral YouTube sensation specially with his version of Dire Straits’ ‘Sultans of Swing’, notch millions of streams, worldwide claimed by Rod Stewart, at the Victoria and Albert Museum, from
Los Angeles via satellite, as “One of the finest guitarists in London”, and Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) as a “totally excellent musician”.

Montalban launched his original album “Guitar Juicebox” in 2017, and a year after a live concert album entitled “Live & Loud Vienna” (2018) grabbing magazines attention as performer and composer with the singles “Last Chance” and “Electrify” touring North Europe and the UK.

In 2019, Montalban formed his band, The Southern Vultures. Debuting with the single “Fell in Love” and “The House” headlining the legendary 100 Club distinguishing an electrifying and explosive performance, becoming a regular feature. The music is a fusion of Modern Rock with clear Blues roots, fusioning of pristine and captivating virtuosic guitar sounds with exceptional musicianship. “The band and crowd connected in a way that only an exceptional music experience can achieve” (Richie, Metal Talk Magazine).

In 2023, the band released a double-album entitled “Live in Birmingham” , launched in London Denmark St, is the perfect introduction to the new band lineup, which showcases the exhilarating playing of Montalban over the rock-solid backbone of The Southern Vultures (Marc Hayward – rhythm guitar & backing vocals, Edoardo Mariotti – drums, Bruno Pint – bass).


Miguel Montalban - Fragile Hearts