Single I Joanne Shaw Taylor – Devil In Me


Joanne Shaw Taylor Ignites With Blues-Rocker “Devil In Me”
From Her Upcoming Album ‘Heavy Soul’

New Album Produced By Legendary Kevin Shirley And
Releasing June 7th On Bonamassa’s Journeyman Records

Blues-Rock sensation Joanne Shaw Taylor, renowned for her blazing guitar chops and sultry vocals, has announced the release of “Devil In Me,” the fiery latest single from her eagerly awaited album, Heavy Soul, out June 7th via Journeyman Records. Produced by the legendary Kevin Shirley, this track delves into the darker realms of soul and blues, showcasing the #1 selling guitarist’s gritty storytelling and electrifying guitar prowess.

In “Devil In Me,” Taylor confronts the shadows with a narrative that speaks to personal struggles and the darker facets of human relationships. The song’s raw energy and candid lyrics are emblematic of Joanne’s knack for blending contemporary sounds with traditional blues elements. Following the stunning “Someone Like You” and the album’s title track, “Heavy Soul,” “Devil In Me” serves as a compelling continuation of the album’s exploration into the depths of human emotion and Taylor’s blues roots.


Joanne Shaw Taylor - Devil In Me