++LP 184651 Whiskey Preachin 1 Cover

Whiskey Preachin’ – Volume 1
Format: LP – Limited to 1.000 copies * 300 on coloured vinyl * Gatefold sleeve w/ liner notes
Label: Whiskey Preachin` Records
Releasedatum: 7 februari 2020
Whiskey Preachin` Records selects prime cuts from the underbelly of America, serving up platters of 21st Century music rooted in the sounds of decades past. Be it from Texas or Tennessee, down on the bayou, along the levee or out in the fields, deep in the desert or high in the mountains, Whiskey Preachin will hunt it down and bring it on home to your turntable. Part country, part rock and roll, this is music with a whole lot of soul. Call it Southern Rock with a Honky Tonk heart, call it Outlaw Boogie or call it Gumbo Rock, we call it Whiskey Preachin and we are here to save your soul, one record at a time.
Whiskey Preachin` Records will be galloping into view early in 2020 with Whiskey Preachin Volume 1 – 21st Century Honky Tonk for the Outlaw Dancefloor, a one-of a kind compilation of the very best of today’s outlaw country underground. Compiled by Whiskey Preachin` founder Shamblin Sexton, expect a raucous rodeo of roadhouse rockers and backwoods barn burners.
Full of dangerous ideas and intent on disrupting your musical comfort zone, Whiskey Preachin` will then bring you albums from artists we know you won’t want to miss.
Make sure you’re the first to know what’s going down at the Whiskey Preachin ranch, baby! Whiskey Preachin’ is run by WP-founder Tony Sexton with an office in Brighton UK and Reinhard Holstein, owner of Stag-O-Lee and founder and ex-owner of Glitterhouse Records based in rural Germany.


01. Mayeux & Broussard: Kool & Handsome
02. James Scott Bullard: Jesus, Jail Or Texas
03. Kathryn Legendre: Going Crazy
04. Eleven Hundred Springs: Arcadian Thruway
05. The Rhyolite Sound: Setting Me Up
06. Darci Carlson: Rat City Bound
07. Ole Whiskey Revibal: Ramblin’
08. The Reeves Brothers: C.C. Waterback
09. Kristina Murray: Lovers & Liars
10. Ted Russell Kamp: Get Off The Grid
11. Weldon Henson: Sleep All Day
12. Croy & the Boys: (If I Knew What I Had To Give Up) I Never Would Have Fallen In Love

Website: Whiskey Preachin’ Records