Ocie Elliott over ‘Fame’:

“’Fame’ was inspired by the documentary ‘Whitney’ about Whitney Houston. It’s a story retold many times, but there was something particularly stirring about her story and seeing what fame did to her. Fame is obviously a powerful and compelling force that some people can handle, but others can’t…it probably comes down to personality in this regard.
This song speaks to the latter personality type –– someone who is immensely talented but has issues with depression, anxiety, unbearable expectation and relationships that are superficial.
‘Fame’ focuses on someone who seeks to escape these issues through her status and fame, not fully understanding the implications this may have on her.
Finally, it speaks to the idea that the individual can be placed in a position of secondary importance to the music, as was the case with Whitney Houston. As in, those around her became more concerned with her musical output than her personal well-being.”

Website: Ocie Elliott

photo credits: Kelly Lovett I @ sail.ya.moon