The Proven Ones – You Ain’t Done
Format: CD
Label: Gulf Coast Records 
Releasedatum: 17 april 2020

Rock & roll has super groups, so does the blues. The Proven Ones …{have] won dozens of awards, been on hundreds of recordings and logged thousands of miles on the road.  All that work, all that mojo culminates on ‘You Ain’t Done’, their sophomore release; a muscular blues, rock ‘n’ soul workout that has to be heard and felt to be believed. 

It’s one thing to claim you are “proven,” it’s quite another to have the credentials to back it up. Comprised of five of the most formidable musicians on the blues scene today — guitarist Kid Ramos, vocalist Brian Templeton, keyboardist Anthony Geraci, bassist Willie J. Campbell and drummer Jimi Bott — the band has collectively amassed a slew of accomplishments; dozens of awards won, decades of years playing top-notch music, hundreds of recordings, thousands of hours on the road, and millions of fans worldwide. These five musicians have proven their worth to the world over decades of hard work.

The Proven Ones upcoming album, ‘You Ain’t Done’, expands the blues-rock template initially established with their debut effort, ‘Wild Again’.

The latter garnered a 2019 Blues Music Award Nomination from the Blues Foundation for Best Contemporary Blues Recording and also brought Campbell, Geraci, and Bott individual nominations as well.

The upcoming album finds the band expanding their musical limits and making an even bolder statement. Produced, mixed, and engineered by Bott, and coproduced by the equally legendary Mike Zito, it was recorded at Dockside Studio in Maurice, LA (with additional recording at Roseleaf Recording in Portland, OR and Rear Window in Brookline, MA) and features songwriting contributions from each musician in the band.

The sophomore release stretches the boundaries of classic “blues” music. This album dips into some rock, soul, country, Latin, a bit of pop, and, even some punk vibes as well. It’s going to break down a few walls.

01. Get Love (intro)
02. Get Love
03. Gone To Stay
04. You Ain’t Done
05. Already Gone
06. Whom My Soul Loves (Feat. Ruthie Foster)
07. Milinda
08. Nothing Left To Give
09. She’ll Never Know
10. Fallen
11. Favorite Dress

Website: The Proven Ones

photo credits: Tony Kutter