Official lyric Video” Sealed Souls”
We just wanted to share with you this new lyric video.
This song is taken from our latest “Live On Stage” Album

Recensie: The BluesBones – Live On Stage

The song “Sealed Souls” deals with the madness of War.
Sometimes a song is just a little more then just a song.
Sometimes a song is also a message.
And Sealed Souls is this kind of song.
About the insanity of war and all the suffering it brings.
Sometimes images speak louder then words.
But combine Lyrics,Music and images and maybe it becomes even more powerfull !!

The “Live On Stage” album were “Sealed Souls” is taken from Hit the charts in Dec 2020

Nr.1 Blues&Rock Charts Top 50 RMR USA
Nr.1 Blues Charts Top 40 IBBA UK
Nr.4 Powerblues List Collectif des Radio Blues FR

The BluesBones