Axel Flóvent brengt komende vandaag (30 juli) zijn video voor ‘Tonight’ uit. De video is geschoten in IJsland

Axel over ‘Tonight’: 

“I wrote the first ideas for Tonight back in 2015, It has followed me since then as the first steps of the story I’m telling with my upcoming record. I wrote it as the prelude/introduction into the record and it evolved into being one of my favourite songs on the record. 

It’s a song about finding stability in a place or a moment or a person. It’s about finding stability in something that has been there all along and you’re learning to appreciate it.  

And it brings this sense of calm into your life that you found what you’re looking for and the irony of it being there all along, you were just not ready to see it yet.”

Over de video:

“We shot the video near my apartment in Reykjavik, a place I usually go for my evening walks and when I go out for a run. 

It’s a place in the city but when you go there you can feel a bit like you’re in the country side, It’s a nice way to get a bit of nature but not having to go far.  I guess the video plot is a bit the “leaving space for the imagination” kind of approach. 

But is essentially the main sentence in the song, “you stay by the sea, it keeps you calm and quiet” finding the comfort in this place, laying down on the grass just listening to the waves feel the mind drift off.”