+Vol. 33 - Rockabilly And Rock 'n' Roll From The Vaults Of Renown & Hornet Records

Various – That’ll Flat Git It!: Vol. 33 – Rockabilly And Rock ‘n’ Roll From The Vaults Of Renown & Hornet Records
Format: CD
Label: Renown & Hornet Records – Bear Family Records
Releasesedatum: 7 februari 2020
1-CD (Digipak) with 36 page booklet, 35 tracks. Total playing time approx. 80 minutes.
First time ever compilation of masters from the Renown Records label from Durham, North Carolina.

A long unjustly underestimated record company that deserves more attention.

Including the first recordings by Wayne Handy and Joe Franklin as well as many more artists from the Carolinas.

This CD compilation contains more than ten previously unreleased tracks!

Booklet with never before seen photos and information on the Renown label.

Carefully restored and re-mastered recordings.

DeLuxe packaging with extensive liner notes and in-detail discographical information. 

Renown Records was established in 1957 by Howard Rambeau in the city of Durham. The output of Renown and its subsidiaries Hornet, REL and Venture was an eclectic mix of good old rock ’n’ roll, rockabilly and country music. The Renown label existed until 1969 scoring several minor hits,  providing entertainment for a teen aged audience in the Carolinas and beyond.
As it corresponds to the concept of Bear Family’s ‘That’ll Flat Git It!’ series, only the rockin’est sides from the Renown catalog were chosen for this release. And these sides can compete with the best in the genre! 
These are the stories record collectors dream of! Many more previously uncomped artists are on board here for the first time, such as Lonnie Dee, Joe Franklin & The Hi-Liters, Daryl Petty, Bobby Strigo with The Blue Notes and many more. Sixty years after the original recording dates, Bear Family makes it possible for these artists to receive the attention they have always been entitled to.
As most of the original master tapes are lost forever, the majority of masters have been taken from the original rare and hard to find Renown single (45s) releases and have been carefully restored and re-mastered to meet the quality standards of Bear Family. 
This is a truly worthy and long awaited project which will find favor among fans of rockabilly music, 1950s music aficionados, and folks into North Carolina culture and history, and just plain music fans in general. 
This is one Bear Family release that you don’t want to miss!

Betcha’ Didn’t Know, Wayne Handy
I Want Everything My Baby’s Got, Jim Thornton
Buzz Me On The Telephone, Irving Fuller & The Chorvettes
That Other Woman, Buck Tickle
Somethin’ Special, Don Duncan
Stop Walking All Over Me, Harold Pope
Bad Boy, Steve France with The Hornets
Say Yeah, Wayne Handy
Silly Dilly, Don Ray with The Hornets
Upturn, Eddie Smith with The Hornets
Cold North Wind, Lonnie Dee
Who PutThe Pep In The Punch, Joe Franklin & The Hi-Liters
The Pad, Bobby Strigo with The Blue Notes
Do You Ever Think Of Me, Clyde Moody-The Day I Die, Daryl Petty
I’m Going Home, Hughie Owens with The Blue Notes
Problem Child, Wayne Handy
Our Southern Way Of Living, Jim Thornton
Tears Falling Down, Down, Down, Harold Pope
Border Beat, Eddie Smith with The Hornets
Dream Boy, Steve France with The Hornets
Traveling Blues, Dannie Maness
Making Fun Of Me, Bobby Rose
True Blue, Joe Franklin & The Hi-Liters
I’m Not Ashamed, Lonnie Dee
I’ll Never Be The Same, Wayne Handy
Baby Let Me Powder Your Nose, Jim Thornton
Flaming Love, Daryl Petty
Love Is A Flame, Ken Willette with The Blue Note
Hobo Bill, Dannie Maness
Seminole Rock’n Roll, Wayne Handy & The Melody Masters
Dance Me To Death, The Hi-Liters
I Think You Oughta Look Again, Wayne Handy
You Turn Me On, Steve France & The Varatones
Repeto, The Varatones