+Val Starr & The Blues Rocket - Lighter Side Of The Blues

Val Starr & The Blues Rocket – Lighter Side Of The Blues
Format: CD
Label: Sandwich Factory Records
Releasedatum: 2 januari 2020

‘Lighter Side Of The Blues’, the new album from Val Starr taps into a melting pot of influences from across the musical spectrum to create her unique brand of California Blues. “It’s a mindset as opposed to a style,” she comments. “I really try to capture the joy that the blues instills in the hearts of those who love it.”
As with all four of her previous releases, Val is backed once again by a legit all-star band of west coast blues vets (dubbed The Blues Rocket by Starr because they send her songs into the stratosphere). Lighter Side offers up a baker’s dozen of original tracks that echo everything from traditional blues to ’60s girl group pop to guitardriven rock and roll. But no matter what the tempo or the direction the songs take, every track has an undeniable groove that radiates with positive energy.
“It doesn’t have to be heavy to be the blues.” Welcome to the Lighter Side Of The Blues.

01. Say Goodbye To The Blues (Like You Mean It)
02. Sactown Heat
03 If She Can Get A Man (Anyone Can)
04 Lighter Side Of The Blues
05 All or Nuthin’ Man
06 Can’t Get Sad Tonight
07 Lift A Finger
08 Mister Bassman
9 Movin’ On
10 24 Hour Blues
11 Big Boss Man (#MeToo)
12 Shame On You
13 The Blues Doesn’t Pick Or Choose

Website: Val Starr & The Blues Rocket