Tricklebolt Release New Album: Live At The Drive In


Tricklebolt - Live At The Drive In

At a time when little was possible because of COVID restrictions, the Dutch rock band Tricklebolt didn’t give up playing live.

In the summer of 2020, the band organized a special drive in concert in the leafy meadows at the foot of the Lemelerberg, The Netherlands. The unique show was recorded and the result ended up in the first drive in live album in the world.

The sold out show attracted a multicultural mix of bikers, farmers and hippies. Motorcycles, ’60s vans, flat cars, old timers and tractors entered the meadow celebrating the show with loud horns and heavy engine roars. The long-missed festival feeling was back and the euphoria rose to great heights.

Live at the Drive In is a soundtrack of an unreal time when little was possible, but hope always remained. Tricklebolt have joined forces with the Zwolle-based label Goomah Music, on which the album was released on August 13.

In addition to Vinyl and CD, the limited edition TRICKLEBOOK – filled with memorable moments, anecdotes and a personal insight into Tricklebolt’s existence and growing up – , is available in 100 copies.

A deeply rooted 70’s spirit and rock ‘n roll. Tricklebolt deliver a sonic gut feeling that evokes the rowdy vibe of early Deep Purple, Wolfmother and Motörhead.

Conceive authentic raw guitar sounds, floating hammond layers and psychedelics, along with the hooks and looks of a Black Crowes.

Float away on an Easy Rider road trip while the music of Tricklebolt spits out a solid amount of decibels and whacks it all straight into your gut.

Their resume includes supports of Golden Earring, DeWolff, Uriah Heep, Extreme and Navarone. After two full-length albums, Tricklebolt put the troubled summer of 2020 into a good use and recorded the world’s first drive in live album was released on August 13 2021.

Bastian Pen: Lead vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Tim Kampman: Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Daan Pen: Bass guitar
Roy Scholten: Hammond Organ
Lars Spijkervet: Drums