Tony Spinner – Love Is The Answer
Format: CD
Label: Grooveyard Records
Release: 2020

Outstanding, tenth solo disc by this excellent Blues/Rock Axeslinger  from Jonesboro, Arkansas featuring 12 tracks of awesome, dynamic, soul-powered, retrofied, blues-based guitar rock mojo that lands solid with endless amounts of musical strenth, depth and maturity. From start to finish, “Love Is the Answer” is an essential, highly enjoyable, way-kool, Tony Spinner disc on Grooveyard Records that rocks the blues and shines brite with talent & excellence.

Tony Spinner is an authentic, legit, modern day guitar hero who speaks the six string truth; a bonafide, all natural “Old School” guitar rocker with soulful vocals who is heavily inspired and influlenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, Billy Gibbons and a host of countless other excellent glassic guitarists who wrote the book of rock. Having recorded and toured for many years with TOTO, Paul Gilbert & Pat Travers to  name a few, Tony Spinner is a seasoned, world-class, professional musician who was born to rock & has devoted his life to musical passion.

Despite the troubled world we live in today, Tony Spinner has risen above to create & produce one of his strongest, most focused discs to date in the form of “Love Is The Answer” which sends out positive energy & vibe into the world with his music. Recorded in 2020 with his long-time rhythm setion of Michel Mulder on bass and Alex Steier on drums from Holland who are both excellent, rock solid, seasoned musical brothers that lock in & lay down righteous grooves for Spinner to strut his good down home mojo. There is a ton of musical love, respect and admiration in the room which can be felt through the music on this disc. The true message from Tony Spinner is clear & pure like a warm summer breeze flowing through the air; the power of music universally brings us together and that ultimately “Love Is The Answer”. – Joe Romagnola  • Grooveyard Records

Website: Tony Spinner