VizzTone is proud to announce the February 12, 2021 release of the new album ‘THE CORNER’ by EARLY TIMES and the HIGH ROLLERS

Early Times is a Blues Rock street poet, living in a gritty urban landscape spanning New York’s East Side street corners, bodegas, and the project park – populated by characters like Little Hustler, Uptown Charlie, Tijuana Madonna, Sweet Lou the Butcher, Ruby, Shakey, funky old Mabel, and of course Mary with her Cha Cha hat. Early and his High Rollers create moods so thick you could cut them with a chainsaw, and his incisive guitar playing is always spot on.

The first single, “She’s About to Lose Her Mind,” features a guest appearance by Popa Chubby, and has been on exclusive heavy rotation on Siriux XM’s Bluesville, where Early is also a popular DJ. We are happy to release it now to all press and radio, please use the buttons above to stream or download the track.