Tom Gilberts – Old School
Format: CD
Label: Polymerase Records
Releasedatum: 17 april 2020

‘Old School’ is Tom Gilberts‘ second release for Polymerase Records. It is a 12 track album of melodic original songs that hits a wide variety of moods, textures and genres of American blues, roots and rock.

Tom is joined by a superlative rhythm section with Brian Foxworth on drums and Dave Captein on bass who offer master-level musicianship and musicality. Producer Terry Robb, one of the finest blues guitarists alive, leaves an indelible mark on the production.

The quality of the recording in terms of clarity, openness and dimensionality of the recording made by Dennis Carter is simply stunning.

01. Lady Luck
02. Zoot Suit Shuffle
03. Ass, Gas Or Grass
04. Sun Vibe
05. Old School
06. Dark Clouds
07. My Paper Bag
08. The North Fork
09. You Missed Me
10. Brown’s Camp
11. Nighttime
12. The Fuzz

Produced by Terry Robb
All songs written by Tom Gilberts

Tom Gilberts  – guitar
Brian Foxworth – drums
Dave Captein – bass