The Uppertones – Easy Snapping
Format: LP
Label: Jump Up Records
Releasedatum: 20 maart 2020

The Uppertones is a powerful trio of trombone, vocals, piano, & drums leaded by the great Mr.T-Bone and dedicated to the sound of the 50’s in Jamaica, the Jamaican R’n’B, Jamaican boogie, calypso, & mento.

The kick start to homegrown Jamaican music in the 50s came from American rock’n’roll and R’n’B (rhythm & blues).

At that time it was the birth of Ska, which originated Rocksteady, Reggae etc. This trio aims to please crowds with a stompin’ swing style mixed with the Jamaican edge and style.

Chicago! March 2020 is the time for their third album ‘Easy Snapping’ a selection of classic tunes never recorded by the band before and it has been released by the Chicago’s finest label Jump Up Records.

01. Got My Mojo Working
02. Walking
03. Reet Petite
04. Buona Sera
05. Down In Mexico
06. Easy Snapping
07. Piove (ciao Ciao Bambina)
08. Guarda Che Luna
10. That’s Amore

Mr.T-Bone – Lead Vocals and Trombone
Phil Cuomo – Piano and Vocals
Count Ferdi – Drums and Vocals

Website: The Uppertones