So Easy Isolating With You (Feat. Victor Wainwright)

Val Starr & The Blues Rocket – So Easy Isolating With You – Winter Of 2020
Format: Digital
Label: Sandwich Factory Records
Releasedatum: 25 mei 2020

Val Starr has a knack of combining heart and humor in her original tunes.  “So Easy Isolating With You” is no exception…a light hearted blues shuffle that gloriously describes what it’s like to be in isolation with her partner. 

Grammy nominated blues artist, Victor Wainwright adds his special keyboard sauce to the song, making it a truly memorable pandemic performance. Victor Wainwright appears courtesy of Ruf Records.

“Winter of 2020” is a bluesy smooth groove,  and Val’s musical memoir to the global pandemic currently gripping humankind.  The song recounts the timeline of events and asks the heartbreaking question, “will we ever hug again?”
Both songs were recorded completely in pandemic style; the tracks were recorded remotely by her band and musical guests then assembled, mixed and mastered in Val and John’s home recording studio.  

We hope the songs brighten and enlighten your listeners.

Blues Rocket Musicians:
Val Starr – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
John Ellis – Bass
Frankie Munz- Harmonica
Paul Farman – Drums
Timothy Brisson – Guitar

Special guests: Aaron Gayden – keys, Victor Wainright – keys

Website: Val Starr & The Blues Rocket