Single I When Rivers Meet – Seen It All Before



Award-winning blues rock duo When Rivers Meet are pleased to announce “Seen It All Before” – the third single taken from their highly anticipated third studio album “Aces Are High” released by their own independent record label, One Road Records, on Friday 8th September 2023.

“We’ve always stuck to a certain structure to create our songs, says WRMs vocalist, mandolin and violin player, Grace Bond, “but with this song we removed any limitations, and we consider it to be a really unique song for our repertoire and from the new album, Aces Are High.”

Add’s WRMs guitarist Aaron Bond, “Fundamentally we consider ourselves a duo, and even though this song has percussion, it features a strong guitar line and vocal hook, which alongside fully produced songs keep us rooted as a duo.”

The previous single, “Perfect Stranger,” is about how husband and wife duo Aaron and Grace Bond first met. Says Grace, “Our relationship is intense and creative. We wanted to write a song that reflects that tension throughout.” The music video reflects the passion and drive of When Rivers Meet.

The first single taken from the album, “Play My Game,” is a groove-laden, driving blues track with rich riffs and searing vocals. It’s a bold statement of intent with a badass video to boot, capturing a poker game gone south leading to a high-speed car chase and daring aeroplane escape.

Regarding the new album “Aces Are High,” the duo says, “As our music is progressing, we’re finding our sound even more. When we went in the studio this time, we’ve never been so sure on what we wanted to create—we had a really clear vision and have stuck to it.”

“Before we held back on being too rocky, but this time we allowed ourselves to create what we wanted to hear, without restricting ourselves. We also allowed ourselves to express the different colours to our music with tracks like “Golden” and “By Your Side,” so this album has more extremes. We still call upon our influences from all the years but remain true to ourselves to create music we love.”


When Rivers Meet - Seen It All Before