Single I Tinsley Ellis – Devil In The Room


“Devil In The Room,” the first single from Tinsley Ellis‘ upcoming release, ‘NAKED TRUTH,’ available February 9, 2024

“Devil In The Room” words and music by Tinsley Ellis (Heartfixer Music). Video by Josh Lindner

For the last four decades, Tinsley has toured the world, building his reputation as a giant among blues-rock guitar players, as well as a terrific songwriter and powerful but nuanced singer. He’s played thousands of shows, from his hometown of Atlanta to every state in the U.S.A., and across Europe, Australia and South America. His sizzling fretwork and soulful vocals have won him a devoted audience. As Rolling Stone says, “His eloquence dazzles.”

For the last year, Tinsley has been performing as a solo artist, playing raw, emotional, stripped-down blues on his 1937 National steel guitar and Martin acoustic. He’s played over 100 solo shows already, and is set to do another major solo tour immediately after the release of Naked Truth.

About the new album and tour, Ellis says, “I think that in this format there’s a new depth to the emotion of my music. When it’s just you, your voice and your guitar, you have to deliver raw, honest emotion to your audience. You can’t just give them volume, energy and exciting playing. The audience has to feel what you’re putting into the song and has to believe you. When I play and sing in the solo acoustic format, there is truly nowhere to hide. I can’t hide behind a loud, distorted guitar. I can’t hide behind a drum beat or a bass line. It’s just me and my instrument, stripped bare of the other players and their various instruments. In a way, it’s a form of confession. It’s the artist’s most honest musical statement of his or her songs.”


It’s time to go
I just can’t take it no more
It’s time to leave
You got bad tricks up your sleeve
Here come the doom
You put the devil in the room

Oh can’t you see
Good god it’s killin’ me
I got to go
Sure nuff can’t stand it no more
I feel consumed
You put the devil in the room

Ain’t got gun
So I’ll saddle up and run
That evil stare
Oh I better beware
I’ll dust my broom
You put the devil in the room

Tinsley Ellis - Devil In The Room