Single I Standin’ Man – Changin’ Wind


North West Psychedelic inspired Rock n Roll band Standin’ Man released their latest single ‘Changin’ Wind’, the third single to come from their upcoming debut album ‘Life Intimidating Art’, produced by Jim Spencer (Johnny Marr, The Charlatans, New Order).

The brainchild of lead singer and songwriter Dean Fairhurst ‘Standin’ Man’ blends 60’s inspired rock sensibilities with psychedelia and contemporary rock elements to create a nuanced sound packed withinsightful lyrical commentary. ‘Changin’ Wind’ is no different, a swaggering anthem featuring grooving drum beats, soaring guitar lines and infectious choruses that will cement Dean’s impassioned vocal performance in your head for days to come.

Dean Fairhurst explains the track further: “‘Changin’ Wind’ is a song that describes the arrival of judgement day and the questions that get asked about whether you have done all you can in the face of a situation.
Sonically, the track enforces many elements of change and its inevitability. Lyrically it evokes the message that we must adapt but it is ourselves and our actions that have the power over how things fundamentally change.”


Standin’ Man - Changin’ Wind