Joanna Connor – Best of Me


Joanna Connor - Best of Me

Joanna Connor – Best of Me
Format: CD
Label: Gulf Coast Records
Release: 2023

Release date: June 9, 2023

Gulf Coast Records announces a June 9th release date for “Best of Me”, the label debut from acclaimed Chicago blues guitar great Joanna Connor.

Joining Joanna (guitar and vocals) on the recording is her regular “Wrecking Crew” touring band: Shaun Gotti Calloway – bass; Dan Souvigny – guitar and keys; Curtis Moore Jr. – keys; and Jason J Roc Edwards – drums and vocals. Special guests include labelmates Eric Demmer – saxophone and Jason Ricci: – harmonica; and guitarists Joe Bonamassa, Josh Smith, Gary Hoey and Gulf Coast president Mike Zito: guitar; David Abbruzzese on drums and the Grooveline Horns.

Best of Me was produced by Shaun Gotti Calloway, Jason J Roc Edwards, and Joanna Connor, and recorded at Studio2424 in Chicago.

“There are musicians that play together and may do it extremely well,” Joanna said about the Best of Me recording sessions. “Then, there are musicians that move as one, that share moments of creating music that is mystically telepathic. The group of musicians we assembled here created a free-flowing and fiery blend of soul, rock, funk and country, all rooted in the blues.

Making this record with the go ahead from Mike Zito and Gulf Coast Records to have free reign was uplifting and inspiring. This recording definitely brought out the’ best of me,’ and solidified my band as a force to be reckoned with. Guitar power and nuance is evident on this record but so are convincing vocals, soul-stirring keyboard work, tighter than tight horns and a rhythm section that propels and compliments each song.

The album touches on my maturing as a woman, facing mortality with grace and thanks, celebrating love won, love lost, lust and passion, the pain and pleasure of having this human experience. I hope the listener enjoys this record as much as we had making it.”


01. House Rules – by Shaun Calloway
02. Pain and Pleasure – by Shaun Calloway and Joanna Connor
03. Best of Me – by Shaun Calloway
04. Highway Child – by Shaun Calloway and Joanna Connor
05. I Lost You – by Joanna Connor
06. Two of a Kind – by Shaun Calloway and Joanna Connor
07. All I Want Is You – by Shaun Calloway and Joanna Connor
08. Mercury Blues – by Robert Geddins and KC Douglas
09. Shadow Lover – by Shaun Calloway and Joanna Connor
10. Greatest of These – by Joanna Connor
11. Shine On – by Shaun Calloway and Joanna Connor

Joanna Connor – Guitar & Vocals
Shaun Gotti Calloway – Bass
Jason J Roc Edwards – Drums & Background Vocals
Dan Souvigny – Rhythm Guitar & Keys on Mercury Blues, The Greatest of These, I Lost You
Curtis Moore Jr – Organ, Wurlitzer, Synthesizer on all tracks
Grooveline Horns: Fernando Castillo – Trumpet & Flugelhorn; Carlos Sosa – Saxophones Flute; Raul Vallejo – Trombone on House Rules, Best of Me, Two of A Kind
Eric Demmer – Saxophone Solos – House Rules
Frank Pellegrino – Emcee

Featured Artists
Joe Bonamassa: Guitar – Highway Child
Josh Smith: Guitar – Pain and Pleasure, House Rules
Gary Hoey: Guitar & Background Vocals – Shine On
Jason Ricci: Harmonica – Shine On
Mike Zito: Guitar – Shadow Lover
David Abbruzzese: Drums – Mercury Blues

Joanna Connor