Single I Spoonful of Blues – Hold Me In Your Arms Tonight

BLUESTOWN RECORDS is pleased to announce that Norwegian blues favourites, SPOONFUL OF BLUES, are releasing their new single, HOLD ME IN YOUR ARMS TONIGHT

HOLD ME IN YOUR ARMS TONIGHT is the third single from their upcoming album

Spoonful of Blues is known as a rocking blues band, but this time around they show off a softer side than we’re used to. HOLD ME IN YOUR ARMS TONIGHT is a soothing blues ballad with a touch of timeless pop elements. A song that captures you in its grip from the first guitar note and then catches your attention once again from Jostein Forsberg’s first vocal phrase. Morten Omlid’s guitar becomes a central melodic element that gives the song a warm blues feeling all the way through.

As one of the premier bands in Norway, Spoonful of Blues is first and foremost about havin’ a party. Led by the musical twin attack of Jostein Forsberg, Norway’s own deep blues harmonica ace and vocalist, and Morton Omlid, one of that country’s finest blues guitarists, and the seasoned rhythm section of Tony Caddle (bass) and Eskil Aasland (drums), Spoonful of Blues always attracts a massive legion of Spoon-heads wherever the band plays.

With HOLD ME IN YOUR ARMS TONIGHT this rocking band delivers its most moving ballad to date. Even diehard Spoon-head lovers need a moment to embrace and celebrate the tenderness of the moment. It’s the perfect song for a long, summer’s night with your love sitting close with the stars overhead twinkling in unison with Morten Omlid’s bright guitar accents that is right on the song’s mood.

HOLD ME IN YOUR ARMS TONIGHT is a beautiful song for these needed times. Jostein Forsberg’s lyrics are initially about an all-consuming love on a personal level, but it also embodies a description of searching and the need for closeness and care in a larger universal context.

A love song first and foremost on a personal level, but also a song that in a bigger sense is about a longing for comfort and peace. In a time of uncertainty and with war close upon us both children, women and men find themselves in dire straits and in need of someone to hold or to be embraced.

HOLD ME IN YOUR ARMS TONIGHT is a wonderful song and a celebration of love in needed times from Spoonful of Blues.


Spoonful of Blues - Hold Me In Your Arms Tonight