Single I Smoke – Lineage


Smoke – Lineage (Single)
Album: The Mighty Delta Of Time
Release: 2021
Label: Independent

This psychedelic swamp rock band gives the audience their first impression of the beautiful and rough world of the swamp with their debut album ‘The Mighty Delta Of Time’. They take you away to a unique journey across the banks of the bayou, where danger is lurking around the corner. The band offers a combination of hard hitting sludge rhythms, intense bass lines, spicy bayou riffs and melodic solos.

Smoke originate from the south of the Netherlands; Bergen op Zoom and Roosendaal. The band consists of Kaj Arne Philipse a.k.a. “CajunKaji” (guitar, backing vocals), Roan de Neve “The Sludge King” (drums & lead vocals) and Martin Raanhuis a.k.a. “The Groove Chief” (bass guitar).

The band has always been surrounded with the countryside and beautiful nature of the south and draws a lot of inspiration from their surroundings. This influence is directly heard in the lyrics and soundscapes. The members of Smoke are also influenced by all kinds of different music genres. Kaj primarily plays desert rock, delta blues & southern rock. Roan; desert rock, stoner, sludge, doom & psychedelic rock, while Martin prefers stoner, blues, funk, fusion & psychedelic rock. All these different genres create the unique sound of Smoke.

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