Regina Bonelli takes the August heat and cranks it even higher with her new single, “Didn’t I.”

Bonelli ramps up the intensity of this ’70s soul classic (which was featured in the “Breaking Bad” soundtrack), and creates a sultry aura that’s a breath of fresh air amidst the chaos. “Times are tough,” she notes, “everyone’s on edge. Between the pandemic, politics, and everything else, there’s a lot going on and people are stressed.

This song is just a nice, end of summer, relax and close your eyes for a minute groove. Not to forget it all, but a pause in the action; a little breather to help recalibrate the soul.”
Backed as always by the True Groove All-Stars, whose foundation on the track creates echoes of the classic Al Green/Willie Mitchell Memphis sound, Bonelli taps into the song’s core and channels the spirit of vintage soul goddesses of the past while keeping things thoroughly rooted in the present.

Website: Regina Bonelli