Single I Jimmy Johnson – Steal Away


Jimmy Johnson - Steal Away

Jimmy Johnson – Steal Away
Format: Digital Single
Label: Delmark Records
Release: 2022

On November 25th, 2022 Jimmy Johnson would have been 94 years old. On the day of his birthday, Delmark Records releases for radio a digital single by Jimmy, a song he loved: “Steal Away”, by Jimmy Hughes. Jimmy liked to stay at Delmark studio for hours, playing guitar or piano and singing, enjoying what he loved the most, making music.

“Steal Away” was the first single ever recorded by Jimmy Hughes at Muscle Shoals studio, in 1964. Jimmy loved this song and used to sing it also during his historical Saturday 2pm live streaming sessions on Facebook.

The recording sounds like more than one musician is performing. While singing the tune, Jimmy was finger picking his guitar, using the thumb for the bass line, his other fingers for the chords and leads AND plays percussion with his foot on a midi bass drum pedal.

Not many people know that Jimmy was very fond of sound technology as well as computers, and incorporated advance devices to his music.
Jimmy was born in Holly Springs, MS, Nov. 25th, 1928 and passed away January 21st, 2022 at his home in Harvey, Illinois.