Single I Jennifer Porter – Yes, I Do


“Just one kiss from you, and I forget to do the things I should do.”

The opening lines set the tone for a love that is all-encompassing, a magnetic force pulling the narrator into a world where every wish and dream is wrapped up in the presence of a special someone. With a melody that echoes the warmth of classic love song, “Yes, I Do” embraces a timeless musical style. Porter’s emotive delivery and the melodic arrangement create an atmosphere of intimacy, drawing the audience into the depth of the lyrics. The song explores the transformative power of love, depicting it as a “lovely lightning in a jar” and a “rare and wondrous star.” Themes of devotion, escapism, and the desire to be with a loved one during both joy and tribulation resonate throughout the composition. The instrumentation complements the lyrical journey, with subtle arrangements that enhance the emotional impact of the song. Porter’s vocals, rich with sincerity, breathe life into the narrative, making “Yes, I Do” a poignant and memorable musical experience.

Jennifer about de making of the “Yes, I Do” video: “Had fun whirlwind of a long weekend filming a music video for the title track of my upcoming album, “Yes, I Do”, that is set for release on February 2nd, 2024. Thank you so much to my friend and cinematographer Branden James Maxham for his creativity and tireless work, and to Dana Packard and Madeleine Purcell for being such a fantastic crew! Thank you as well to Jonathan Wyman for allowing us to take the sweet Wurlie I recorded the song on for a little field trip.”

Cinematographer / Editor – Branden Maxham

Mixed by Jonathan Wyman at This Sounds Good, Portland, ME

Mastered by Adam Ayan at Ayan Mastering, Portland, ME

Jennifer Porter – Lead Vocal, Background Vocals, Wurlitzer, Hammond B3

George Naha – Guitar

Damon Banks – Bass

Dana Packard – Drums, Percussion

Steve Jankowski – Trumpets

Doug DeHays – Tenor and Baritone Saxophones

The video was shot in various locations in southern Maine, U.S.A.


Jennifer Porter - Yes, I Do